Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ups and Downs

I have to admit that the adoption process so far has been quite encouraging.  I can't lie to myself and think that in a few months I may feel differently.  However, just to keep everyone up to date with our progress, I would like to share some of our ups and downs in bullet point format.


  • Although we are not there yet, our financial support has been encouraging.  We raised $605 on a yard sale.  We've had several friends give us significant gifts for which we are extremely grateful.  Somehow, a couple of weeks ago, we were able to send in our final home study payment and our first agency payment.  We've had friends tell us that you will not know where all the money came from, but it will come.  This is how we feel even this early. 
  • Along with the first agency payment, we were able to get our dossier checklist.  Even though this was another "checklist" of things to do and paperwork to get, the progress to get this checklist was encouraging.  
  • After reviewing the checklist, I found that many of the documents we need for our dossier to the Congo are contained in our home study.  This means (although I know things will get interesting) that we have a good portion of our dossier together if not completed.  I started a file section in our file folder for "dossier."  This was remarkably encouraging.  The small things mean a lot at this point. 
  • Noah continues to exhibit excitement about having a brother to share a bunk bed with.  I don't know what he will do if we get a referral of a little girl. :-)  
Downs:  Thankfully we have not had many downs at this point, but there are a few.  These may be helpful for others who are considering adopting.  A couple of these have caught me off guard or are surprising.  It should be noted that none of these downs discouraged us nor were we offended by them.  They simply are what they are.  
  • The other day we visited a large, "brand name" book store in TN and after searching and then asking the clerk where the books on adoption would be located, we discovered there were no books on adoption in said book store.  I was shocked to say the least.  
  • When planning and organizing fund raisers, I've found that many times those closest to you are the ones who are least on your side.  This can be a positive "up" too because you also find that those you don't even know are most excited to help you out and support the cause.  We are planning an exercise event with Jen Jacobs from the Biggest Loser, and many of the people I work with, who have the most influence with those who would be interested in this type of event, seem not to care about helping.  As mentioned before, this is neither here nor there, but it just is.  
  • We posted a link on Facebook today to advertise the spinning event with Jen Jacobs, and we got a couple of comments from folks questioning our decision to adopt from the Congo.  I could understand this if we were in a church with these folks and someone was questioning my motive to adopt from a pride/trend point of view.  That's not what these folks had in mind.  I didn't know these folks.  They are not "friends" on Facebook.  I honestly still don't know who they are, but they felt it necessary to post a comment on our link.  This was a little discouraging to say the least, but we trust that the Lord has directed our paths to this point, and we trust him to see it through to completion and to further his kingdom and glory because of it.  That's what God is in the business to do; make himself look wonderful.  
I hope this post is helpful just to keep everyone in the loop on our adoption adventure.  We continue to covet your prayers.  If you would like to know how you can help us, you can read our support letter a few posts below this one, or you can contact us and we will let you know what you can do.  Even if it is not financial, we could probably use some help at our up-coming fundraisers.  Honestly, even a "note-sender" from time-to-time, to encourage us would be nice too.  Thanks for taking this journey with us.  Let us know if we can serve you in any way.  

Adam and Liz<><

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Adoption Fundraising - God is Faithful

There is nothing we have that has not been given to us.  You like the double negative, huh?  This line is at the heart of our fundraising journey.  The most daunting task as Liz and I began the adoption process was finances, but we are finding that the Lord provides in so many ways.  Two days ago, after having an adoption yard sale, we were able to send off our first payments to One World Adoption Services and in return, we got our dossier checklist.  For some reason, this was tremendously exciting to me.  Things are moving forward!!!  We began the journey with a subjugated fear of finances, and within a couple of months, we were able to send our first chunk of money all because of what the Lord has done in your hearts for the sake of the fatherless.  We appreciate everyone who has donated so far.  We thank God for you.

With the riches and mercy of God in mind, we still have a long way to go.  You can see in the column on the right where we stand in the fundraising process.  We never want to be complacent while raising funds, so we first express our thanks to God for his abundant provision.  We also never want to become lazy in our efforts to bring home our Congolese child.  So...  We are hosting another fundraiser on June 4th at the Louisville Athletic Club in Clarksville, IN.

I still have to work out details, but hopefully that will happen today.  Jennifer (Jen) Jacobs from this year's season of the Biggest Loser will be teaching/hosting four spinning classes on June 4th at the LAC in Clarksville.  We have to shore up the times she will teach, but we are more than excited about this opportunity.  We are calling the event "Spin with Jen."  The registration to reserve your spot is $30.  This will reserve your bike in the class and also give you the opportunity to hear some of Jen's story.  Once we finalize details (hopefully today), I will send out more info with a website where you can go to begin your registration.  Please pray for us during this event that even something like a fitness class can be used to bring God glory through orphan care.

More to come!!!