Monday, April 11, 2011

Updated Prayer Requests

Here is the list of prayer requests we posted a few weeks ago and some of the answers we've received so far.  Thanks for your prayer support on this journey.

  • that God would be the center of all of our decisions and progress 
  • our motive and focus would be the glory of God in the gospel rather than some self-agrandizing, philanthropic endeavor
  • that we would choose the right adoption agency - We were led to One World Adoption Services, Inc. out of Georgia.  A friend of mine who adopted from Ethiopia last year gave us this reference.  We have been more than pleased with all of their help so far.  
  • that we would find the right home study agency - We are currently working with Adoption and Home Study Specialists in Louisville.  They are licensed to do home studies in Indiana and we were referred to them by Families Through International Adoption (FTIA) in Evansville, IN.  Thanks to those guys for the referral.  One of the families in our church (Mark and Ginger Hales) have adopted through FTIA and gave us their contact info.  It's amazing the pathway God uses to get you where you need to be.  A referral of a referral of a referral.  
  • Patience (I [Adam] tend to be task-driven and the hurry up and wait will be difficult)
  • financial support for the adoption (agency fees, legal fees, travel, etc.)
We would appreciate your continued prayers for the items without answers listed above.  Most of these will be continual prayer needs through the process.  Here are a couple you can add to the list.  
  • Pray for swift gathering of documents for the home study, USCIS, and dossier.  These are sometimes dependent on the government agencies issuing the documents and can cause delays. 
  • Pray that our fears about traveling to the Congo would continue to be calmed.  You can read Liz's earlier post about how the Lord has worked in her life in this area.  We do not want to be gripped by fear in this process.  
  • Pray for the transition in our home with Noah and Tovah having a new sibling - and a very different one at that. :-)  
The journey continues...

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