Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another Way to Support Adoption

Many people use handmade crafts or gifts to help support the adoption journey.  Well, count Liz and I into that group now too.  We have set up a website where we will post handmade items that are donated to us throughout our journey.  As of now, we have some blankets (probably more like baby blanket size) that you can purchase to help us with our adoption fundraising.  We have a couple of scarfs from Liz's sister that I haven't been able to get on there yet, and we will have more items later hopefully.  Visit the website to see all the blankets.  Thanks for supporting our journey.


  1. Fabulous blankets! I hope you're able to sell lots of them. I actually just put an Afghan Auction on my blog to help us raise some money for our DRC adoption.

    I've loved reading through your blog!


  2. Thanks Lindsay for the encouragement. Hope your afghan sale goes well too. Every little bit helps!!!