Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lifesong Matching Grant: Approved!!!

We want to say thanks to everyone who has been praying for our adoption process, especially regarding the financial aspects of international adoption.  Liz and I found out last week that we were approved for a $3,000 matching grant from Lifesong and Orphan Care Alliance.  You can follow a link to these two ministries in our last blog post.

This morning, we've been drafting a Matching Grant Support letter to send out to folks in an attempt to maximize this matching gift from Lifesong/OCA.  You can find a Dropbox link to our support letter here. If you feel led to give financially to our adoption journey, we would be tremendously humbled and grateful.  All of the instructions should be in the letter.

We would love to keep in touch with everyone who has prayed for us and helped us along the way.  If you haven't received anything from us, we probably don't have your mailing address.  You can send it to us by emailing Adam or Liz and we'll keep you updated on our progress and send you a letter with pictures of our little Congolese guy when our adoption is completed.  As always, you can stay in touch with us through Twitter (@howelladoption) or Facebook (Sojournings - Congo Adoption Page).

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